Study: Charters don’t ‘push out’ weak students

Charters don’t “push out” low-performing students, according to a new study in the Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis journal.

Researchers analyzed testing and demographic data from 2000-01 through 2006-07 in a large urban district with many charter schools. They found low-performing students are slightly more likely than high achievers to leave charter schools, but low performers also are more likely to leave nearby district-run schools. The pattern appears to be the same.

Update: Actually, low performers are a bit more likely to leave district-run public schools near charters, Jay Greene points out. Are they being pushed out? Or perhaps they’re transferring to charters.

Boston’s highly effective charter schools are “ready, willing, and able to enroll more students,” but “the powers are blocking the city’s best schools from growing,” writes James Peyser in Education Next.

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