Raising America

A new PBS documentary series, The Raising of America will make the case for universal preschool and tax-funded day care for infants and toddlers, reports EdSource Today, which interviews co-producers Larry Adelman and Rachel Poulain.

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  1. Yeah, because having solved the problems of homelessness, food insecurity, unemployment and the mental health system, we need to find more things to spend our money on!

  2. Ann in L.A. says:

    And because Head Start is such a proven winner!

  3. How much of the closing-the-gap improvement in the Granite District/Utah is attributable to starting instruction in English earlier than was done in 1970? Are they actually comparing the same culture in that graph?

  4. One of the misleading points was that the choice is special ed or early childhood education. The choice is when and how to deliver instruction in the child’s zpd at his instructional level. We can do it in the regular elementary classroom thru differentiation if we choose to do so. Or we can continue one-size-fits-all instruction, which those who don’t have engaged parents are not ready for, and too low for those with engaged, educated parents.

    Even with the investment in early childhood, the ability to get the language development done doesn’t seem possible. Those with educated parents will still hear more words with more variety than those who don’t have educated parents, and they will not start school in the same place ac.ademically. There needs to be a placement for students who aren’t poverty and aren’t wealthy enough for private school that is appropriate for their instructional needs.

  5. It is a bit misleading to say that the gap is closing, when we know that the children of educated parents have not been offered instruction at their level. They would have achieved more if they had been placed appropriately.