Psych prof cleared in ‘gay pride’ assignment

A psychology professor’s assignment — wear a gay pride ribbon and write about the experience — didn’t infringe on students’ rights, concluded an investigation at Columbia State Community College in Tennessee. Students who objected because of their religious beliefs were allowed to do an alternative assignment.

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  1. … Hell, I have non-religious “keep the instruction in the classroom, you damned hack” objections to that kind of assignment.

    I’d be tempted to just turn in a paper about my experience detesting the assignment and the instructor who dared presume on my personal time.

    But then, I’m not a kid in Community College and I have nothing to lose.

  2. I get “You do not have permission to preview drafts.” when I click the link.

  3. To make it really cool, he should have had the students wear a ‘gay pride’ button for a day and an ‘I support traditional marriage’ button for a day and contrast the experiences…