Online learning — for elites only?

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt says he’ll discourage his kids from going to college when they’re old enough. College graduates run up debt without acquiring job skills (except for programmers), he thinks.


Online learning may work for the children of the elite, but first-generation college students want to learn face to face with a human teacher and side by side with human classmates, responds a community college instructor.

Online courses require self-directed learners.

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  1. Crimson Wife says:

    Schmidt’s kids will have the connections to get a job without a degree from a good college. Middle-class kids like mine won’t.

    • Crimson Wife,

      Which is why networking with industry professionals
      is very important starting in the junior and senior years
      (most of these groups are listed in most newspapers
      locally), and students in school can get the information
      they need to land that first job 🙂