Mom, what’s a pimp?


Louisiana fourth-graders received a worksheet with “pimp” and “mobstaz,” a mother complains. The superintendent says it was taken from a web site with “real-world text” that is “aligned” to Common Core standards.

The worksheet provides examples of the word “twist,” including tornadoes, the dance craze and a rapper named “Twista.”

My questions:

How does “real-world” text differ from text?

Why does a rundown on a rapper’s career — he sings with Mobstaz and has a hit called Po-Pimp — enhance students’ understanding of the word “twister.”

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    I don’t think that’s the point. Naturalizing scummy behavior by making it familiar is the point.
    Also, epater les bourgeoisie is fun, if you don’t have anything else of use to do.

  2. So, Johnny can’t read (to a normal grade level), but he can name all kinds of rappers and other ephemeral pop-culture junk. Greeeeeaaaaaaaattt.

    This is just another example of “education has to be ‘entertaining’,” where “entertaining” sucks away any actual instructional value.

  3. >>“We want them to read real world texts,” he said. “We know they will go into a department store and see an album with that language on it. We know that will happen. But is that something they should be reading in the schools?

    I guess this is an example of incorporating history across the curriculum and biasing the test so that all cultures can have success. Haven’t seen a dept store sell albums in a long time… here buy their albums on itunes…

    • Walmart still carries CDs … just not a lot of them. Much like Walmart carries books, but the selection is small (certainly compared to Barnes and Noble). Maybe we don’t want to score Walmart as a department store.

      • GoogleMaster says:

        Sure, and Walmart has enough clout to require the musicians to produce expurgated versions of their music as a condition of having it sold there. (The musicians could always refuse to do so and forgo all potential sales from the world’s largest retailer, and some do.)