Finding a future for autistic students

At Newark’s JFK High, teacher Janet Mino prepares six autistic young men to cope with life once they age out of the public schools at 21. Best Kept Secret will air on PBS today.

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  1. My local PBS station doesn’t seem to be airing this documentary — darn! But I gather it can be viewed online after tomorrow.

    The crisis in care and work opportunities for adults with autism (most also have cognitive impairments) is too little known or discussed. What happens when families can no longer keep these individuals at home? We are already seeing problems when adults with autism are arrested for minor crimes, and jails don’t know what to do with them. Many will need some kind of care all their lives (the same is true of people with FAS — but their care will likely be in prison, at high cost)

    I don’t know what the solution is but it’s more than high time the problem was on the table for discussion..