A free lunch for college students?

Give low-income college students a free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch to raise their odds of success,  proposes a University of Wisconsin professor.

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  1. >>Per student spending of about $6,000 in community colleges is a travesty.

    ??? Per student spending in high school is less than $8K for reg ed in an average needs school in NY in my area, and that includes transportation, security, and remedial help. $6k seems sufficient when transportation and security are taken out of the equation, less courses are taken, and knowing that the adjuncts aren’t getting anywhere near the compensation that a high school teacher is.

    • And yet average for the state of New York is $19,000. Care to identify your area?

      • Nope. I’m not in Westchester or LI.
        The average in my area is listed as $18k in the newspaper. However, it’s really $8K for reg ed, $23k for special education. You can read these stats at the DOE website.

  2. Michael E. Lopez says:

    Poor adults not getting enough to eat?

    I could have sworn that was what food stamps were for.

    An we’ve probably already got too much money sunk into that program.

    • Well I was standing in line at the grocery store and two college age adults were buying some food with their EBT card. I wouldn’t have really given it much notice if it hadn’t been for the add on case of premium micro brew beer at a known cost of $20.00 for a case of 12. I guess at least they bought that with their own money. Yah…they’re not getting enough to eat.

      • Obi-Wandreas says:

        Reminds me of my middle-school students with designer clothes and smart phones who can’t afford $1 for lunch.