4 in 10 grads don’t need college degree at work

Four in 10 college graduates don’t need a degree to do their job.

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  1. Well, it’s hardly surprising that a degree in French Feminist Literature or Puppetry or Clownology wouldn’t be useful in most jobs. Since more folks than ever seem to be getting those kinds of degrees, I guess it’s only natural that the number of people using their degrees in their jobs would decrease.

    • I haven’t seen any evidence of an increase in kids getting these sorts of undergraduate degrees.


      The most popular undergraduate degrees look like this:
      *) Business Management and Admin
      *) General Business
      *) Accounting
      *) Nursing
      *) Psychology
      *) Elementary Education
      *) Marketing
      *) General Education
      *) English Language and Literature
      *) Communications


      No STEM majors in the list, but no post-feminist-liberation-theology of Ming dynasty poetry, either 🙂


      • Mark,

        Given the degree of difficultly needed to complete most STEM degrees, it’s not a stretch to not see any STEM majors on the list.

        One of the smarting IT guys I ever knew didn’t graduate from high school, and only had taken a few classes in college 🙂