Urban districts compete with charters

Urban school districts are changing  to compete with charter schools, according to researchers Marc J. Holley, Anna J. Egalite, and Martin F. Lueken in Education Next.

While some districts try to block the spread of charters, others are cooperating and collaborating with charters, replicating successful charter school practices and marketing their services to students and families.

For example, Denver Public Schools created the Blueprint Schools Network to “re-create within its own buildings the innovation seen in top charter schools, and keep the state funding.”


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  1. I remember seeing some footage of a lion lying down with a lamb. Well, a leopard lying down with a baby baboon. But it’s not the sort of behavior you’d expect of a leopard so either it was an unusual leopard or an unusual situation.

    I’m inclined to view cooperation and/or legitimate competition between school districts and charters that way until proven wrong. Charters grow at the, well-insulated, expense of school districts so it’s an inherently adversarial relationship.

    So, extraordinary claims and all that.