Critics hit remedial ed reforms

States are trying to prevent, accelerate or limit remedial education to boost graduation rates. But some say remedial reforms will doom many college students to failure.

Instructors are trying to increase the rigor of developmental classes so students will be prepared to succeed in credit-bearing classes.

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  1. Thinly Veiled Anonymity says:

    1. Eliminate remedial programs
    2. Promote student diversity
    3. Award a valuable degree

    Pick 2.

  2. As the mother of a son who is ADD, his ability to work hard increased dramatically at age 17. Math was a nightmare for him during high school. He is now finally able to apply himself at age 18/19 at community college in the remedial math program. I hate to think that they will do away with that as there are many late bloomers. The one thing about US schools was that you do have a second chance and you aren’t pegged to what your abilities were at a younger age.

    • Therese,

      In the state of New York, 80 percent of students who
      attend the community college system there are need of
      remediation (these are recent graduates from high school), not persons going back to school a decade or
      more after graduating from high school.

      In many areas, four year universities have simply dropped remedial education classes due to the expense, since the state has to pay once for the student to go
      through K-12, and then again for material (which should
      have been learned while in public school).

      These days, most state college budgets simply cannot
      afford to pay for students to take classes for what
      amounts to middle and/or high school material.