Obama plan worries community colleges

President Obama’s plan to link federal aid to colleges’ graduation rates and graduates’ earnings “falls somewhere between “irrelevant” and “catastrophic” for community colleges.

Private colleges that educate many teachers and social workers also are concerned.

Additional need-based student aid helped low-income Florida students stay in school and earn a degree, a new study finds.

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  1. Stacy in NJ says:

    I’m sure the president won’t be satisfied until he takes another dysfunctional segment of our economy and completely destroys it with his ignorant and arrogant ideology. I’m going to learn to love the decline.

  2. Obi-Wandreas says:

    Let’s continue this idea of accountability for everyone – from now on, we only pay EMTs if the victim survives, only pay firemen if they save the structure, only pay policemen if the people they arrest are convicted, only pay football players if they win the Super Bowl…

    • Mark Roulo says:

      For a lot of jobs this IS done after “enough” statistics are gathered. If an EMT team saves a lot fewer victims than expected (given a model of the victims) I’d like them retrained or let go. Coaches who don’t win ARE let go … often even if the do win, but don’t win “the big one” (e.g. Steve Mariucci). Are you suggesting that results not go into fire/retain decisions?