Michelle O backs healthy hip hop

Hoping to get young people moving, First Lady Michelle Obama will appear  in a new hip-hop album, Songs for Healthier America, reports U.S. News. It’s just a cameo with no singing involved. 

In June, Mrs. Obama appeared in a hip-hop video urging kids to “work hard/eat right” with rapper Doug E. Fresh, singer-songwriter Jordin Sparks and TV medical personality Dr. Oz.

The full album, which includes songs with names like “Veggie Luv,” by Monifah and J Rome, “Hip Hop LEAN,” by Artie Green, and “Give Myself a Try,” by Ryan Beatty, will be released on Sept. 30 by Partnership for a Healthier America and Hip Hop Public Health.

“U R What You Eat” (featuring Salad Bar, Matisyahu, Travis Barker, and Ariana Grande) and “We Like Vegetables” (featuring Los Barkers!) also are on the album.

Black and Hispanic children, who are the biggest fans of hip-hop music, are significantly more likely to be overweight or obese compared to white children.

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  1. “The hope is that teachers will use the videos during recess, physical education classes or even passing periods to encourage kids to get moving.”

    Gym teacher – ok kids, quit running around and come over here to watch these music videos!

    God, the arrogance of these people around me…as if they will somehow change these children when so many have already failed.

  2. This just in:

    “McDouble Called The ‘Cheapest, Most Nutritious And Bountiful Food’ In Human History: How The $1 McDonald’s Hamburger Earns The Title”


    From the Medical Daily web site (not owned by McD.)

    Or people can shop at Whole Foods or other high-priced organic markets, and eat brown rice and lentils and organic arugula.