Competency pilot produces first graduates

An experiment in online competency-based education has its first graduate:  Zach Sherman, 21, earned a self-paced associate degree from College for America in three months while working 56 hours a week at a Slim Jim plant in Ohio. The night sanitation worker has applied for a promotion to supervisor.

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  1. Stacy in NJ says:

    How long before someone gets smart and offers the same type of competency based high school degree? How many young people are bored and languishing in the putrid social environment and mind-numbing classroom? How many young people, particularly young men, would benefit from this type of self-directed program?

    • The only problem with this would be the school districts
      would lose a ton of moola due to the fact that school
      money is generated by the number of students enrolled
      and occupying a chair on ‘count day/week’, etc.

      The horrors of giving a student a high school diploma
      who masters 4 years of material inside of a year (aka
      Doogie Howser), is just enough to make school admins,
      truancy officers, and social engineers absolutely nuts.