College treats choking attack as harassment

Caught choking a female student in a women’s restroom at St. Louis Community College in Meramec, a male student was released by campus police a few hours later. Jevon Mallory told a sexual harassment counselor he didn’t know the victim but was trying to “withdraw her from life.” Only when the victim went to the media was Mallory arrested and charged with felony assault.

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  1. “After the incident, a sexual harassment counselor was called in to interview Grupe and Mallory.”

    WHY are they interviewing the victim? Like this is her fault or something? Really? Straight to the cops with this one, charge him with attempted murder. Let the cops interview her so they can bolster their case. Good golly. A SOCIAL WORKER is interviewing people? Eesh.

    Is this guy just wandering the streets of the town now instead of being locked up where he belongs??

    • What’s more important? The students or the school?

      If you work for the school protecting the school is reflexively a high priority. Naturally, you try to make unfortunate incidents go away and how are you going to do that if they become public record?

  2. Foobarista says:

    This is pretty bizarre. Trying to choke someone to death and getting stopped is attempted murder, and doing it in the wrong restroom adds at least some element of premeditation. No obvious “sex crime” here – just crime of the ol’ fashioned variety, with obvious consequences for the perp.

    Thankfully, he was interrupted, so the victim is still alive…

  3. Actually, crime is quite under-reported on college campuses
    (despite federal law which requires it), and the people who
    tend to make waves on campus tend to get shown the door,
    which includes many crime victims…

    Well, the college is getting all the bad press it needs now,
    isn’t it 🙂