Rachel Jeantel: ‘I have a 3.0’

“I am educated. Trust me, I have a 3.0,” Trayvon Martin’s friend Rachel Jeantel told a Miami TV station.

Jeantel has been offered multiple scholarship opportunities, including one from morning radio talk show host Tom Joyner, who has offered her a tutor to help her graduate and to prep for the SAT and four years of tuition to any Historically Black College or University.

This doesn’t make Miami schools look good, but I suspect it’s inaccurate. If Jeantel really were a B student, she wouldn’t be a 19-year-old about to start 12th grade.

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  1. BeaGomez says:

    I doubt that she could really compete at Howard or Spelman. I don’t think she’s a terrible person, but her teachers haven’t done her any favors–reading cursive is still a necessary life skill.

    • She certainly doesn’t know the 10 Commandments – ‘Thou shall not bear false witness’

  2. smintheus says:

    You know nothing about her education, so why are you speculating about it? For that matter, why do you feel the need to sneer at her?

  3. L. C. Burgundy says:

    Speculating??? Have you seen her interviews? She is barely cogent. Her continued featuring in the media is bordering on exploitation at this point.

  4. Given her age and communication skills I am willing to bet that Rachel is special ed, and has an IEP which allows her to attend school until she is 22.

    • Hmmm… could SPED classes also explain her 3.0 GPA when she is obviously a functional illiterate?

      Someone is going to do a “where are they now” piece on her in a few years.  That will be… interesting.