Keep the transfer promise

Only 23 percent of California community college students seeking a bachelor’s degree transfer within six years. It’s time to keep the transfer promise — a clear pathway from community college to the California State University system — writes Michele Siqueiros, executive director of the Campaign for College Opportunity.

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  1. I find it hard to believe that 50 years after the Master Plan was first published, we *still* don’t have a clear path from JC’s to CSU/UC. Additionally, courses at some JC’s are transferable to some UC’s/CSU’s but not others, and some courses from CSU’s are transferable to some UC’s but not others. There are several words to describe this situation, but “bedlam” and “crazy” and “inefficient” serve as good starters.

  2. BadaBing says:

    Transfer credits may be part of the problem but certainly not the major problem, which is the students themselves.

  3. Foobarista says:

    I transferred from CC to UC Berkeley in the mid 1980s and only lost three credits (out of 65) in the “translation” (in a five-credit precalculus class that was only 2 credits at UCB).

    In those days, courses numbered between 1-49 in core subjects (ie, math, English, history, etc) transferred unless otherwise noted in the catalog (and they tried to use course numbers that were equivalent to UC courses with the same numbers, ie English 1A/1B was the freshman comp series, Math 2A/2B were calculus, etc), courses 50-99 transferred to CSU but not always to UC (these were usually remedial courses), and 100+ didn’t transfer (these were usually in vocational fields that had no analog at UC or CSU such as firefighting, etc).

    It was quite straightforward, and if you spent five minutes with a counselor and read the catalog of the school you wanted to transfer to, it was easy to avoid classes that didn’t transfer. It would seem odd that this would be harder now.