It’s reunion time for MTV’s Daria

Daria Morgendorffer debuted on MTV in 1997 as a disaffected high school student. Gothamist has the five-minute pilot and a link to a fake trailer for a movie on Daria’s high school reunion.

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  1. Since this post is obviously intended to be lighthearted, I will cheerfully say I loved Daria back in the day, and even laugh at the re-runs when I catch them. I’m glad this is a fake trailer, though, because if it were real, it would be an injustice to the character. The trailer suggests she’s a flat character who never evolves. In the actual series, she did move away from being so disaffected by the end, and Quinn moved from being so shallow. That scene in the trailer where she asks Quinn to publicly acknowledge they’re sisters suggests someone didn’t watch the final season.

    I liked to imagine that grown-up Daria would be more like her aunt Amy, who seemed like “Daria in ten years”: More sure of herself, more self-possessed, and more socially integrated yet retaining her dark humor and free-thinking independence. I wish they *would* do a “reunion show” with that version of Daria. Ah well.