Georgia balks at Common Core exam costs

It may be money, not politics, that undermines Common Core standards in Georgia, writes Maureen Downey in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

Georgia now spends $25 million to test students in five subject areas. If it uses the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers exam, the state would spend as much as $52.5 million to test only English and math. Yet without common tests there’ll be no way to know if Georgia students are keeping up with performance in other states.

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  1. Miller Smith says:

    We can compare Georgia to the other states through the SAT/ACT, census data, and employment data. No need to spend another dime.

    BTW, the states should control their own state’s education programs and citizens- free to travel-can compare each state for what they want and choose to or not to move their. This hell-bent-for-leather drive to homogenize the nation must be abandoned.