Consistency creates ‘safe haven’

One of the ways to combat the effects of living in poverty is to provide children with a really stable force,” teacher Rafe Esquith told Valerie Strauss. “I dress the same way. I have the same mood every day. I want to be the safe haven where the child knows he can go every day.”

Esquith has taught at the same Los Angeles elementary school for 28 years, notes PDQ Blog. “In a day and age where the most common level of experience for a teacher is one year, this is unfortunately remarkable.”

Dale Irby, who recently retired after 40 years as a gym teacher in a district near Dallas, shares Esquith’s philosophy. In 40 years of school pictures, Irby wore the same sweater vest.

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  1. Yes. And this is another reason why many are not comfortable with charter schools: they may be good individually, but they are not linked through school districts and state Boards of Education and so are even more likely than regular public schools to lack curriculum alignment between schools, behavior expectations between schools, etc etc.

    • School districts like Detroit Public Schools? Chicago Public Schools district? Washington D.C. Public schools?

      Yeah, that curriculum alignment’s key.

      The reason “many” are uncomfortable with charters is that they are disrupting the agreeable situation which relegates parents to the job of popping out the next class to be consigned to the tender mercies school districts and nothing more.

      That’s changing.


  2. Obi-Wandreas says:

    I can’t tell you how many times my colleagues & I have asked a student who the adult males were in their lives, only to have the response be “You are.”