Yearbook shows ‘creepy smile kid’

There are less than 100 students in this year’s graduating class at Hoosic Valley High School near Albany. For example, the year book names “Creepy Smile Kid,” “Some Tall Guy” and “Isolation Kid” earned their diplomas, along with a row of track team members identified as “Someone.”

Some parents say it’s bullying.” It was a “non-intentional, honest mistake,” claims Acting Superintendent Amy Goodell.

As a former yearbook staffer — and part of a class of 530-odd students — I have my doubts. In a small rural high school, they don’t know their classmates names? They don’t know how to double check? Nobody proofreaders?

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  1. It’s a plus that their photos were in the yearbook, instead of being cropped out.

    Some things never change.

    • No, in this busy world, all too often “nobody proofreaders”

      I was seriously shocked at the end of the year in a school graduating 200 a year that not all my students knew each other in my various sections of math, despite my using first and or last names when calling on or talking to students and having them use first names when asking questions of classmates.

  2. I can think of at least two newspapers that have been successfully sued for libel after reporters put fabricated quotes or other information in their stories as a joke for their editors and the editors failed to catch that material before it was printed. One of the first things I was taught when I was working in the newspaper industry was “Never assume anyone else is doing their job.” That might apply to high school yearbooks as well.

  3. Crimson Wife says:

    I attended a small high school (65 kids in my graduating class) and a similar thing happened in my yearbook. It was a “joke” but with a not-so-subtle cruel undertone. I guess some people just have to go around tearing others down in order to feel better about themselves, but it’s really pathetic.

  4. Maybe not bullying per se, but certainly tacky and mean and I don’t buy for a moment that it was “unintentional.”