Teachers wear black to protest testing perk

Some teachers wore black T-shirts in protest as they wrapped up the school year at Southampton High School (New York), reports the Southampton Press. They disagreed with the principal’s decision to let a school employee’s anxious child take a Regents exam in a small room instead of the gym. The student has no disability diagnosis that requires special accommodation.

Dr. (Brian) Zahn, the principal, said two students were accommodated during end-of-year testing after showing symptoms of short-term disability brought on by anxiety, with one showing signs of nausea.

According to Dr. Zahn, some of the teachers wearing black shirts on Friday told him it was “to protest testing improprieties,” while others said it was “to voice our displeasure with testing overall.”

School was over, but students and staff were attending graduation rehearsal, and teachers were grading tests.

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  1. Jacob Lew says:

    This sounds more like they had irrational hatred for the student . What type of teacher does this to a student? So over the top.

    I know schools who allow students to take exams in separate rooms because of anxiety. Pretty normal stuff.

    This is something different. Who does this sort of thing?

  2. mathmom says:

    Strikes me as an odd thing to get worked up over.