Schools teach kids, staff to resist intruders

Some schools are teaching students and staff to defend themselves against an intruder, reports Education Week.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s school safety plan includes self-defense: “Staff and students may utilize methods to distract the shooter/intruder’s ability to accurately shoot or cause harm, such as loud noises or aiming and throwing objects at the shooter/intruder’s face or person.”

Response Options, a Texas-based company, was started after the 1999 Columbine killings. Greg Crane, a police officer, asked his wife Lisa, an elementary school principal, what she’d have done.

“I said ‘We have code red—a typical lockdown. I put out a code red, we get in the classroom, shut out the light, and then we wait for you’,” she remembers telling her husband. He was incredulous. How would such a lockdown work in the cafeteria or when children were outside? And what if students and staff members found themselves sequestered with a shooter? “I said ‘I don’t know. This is all they’ve ever told us.'”

The couple devised ALICE training, as in “ALert, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate.” They teach everything from how to barricade doors with whatever furniture can be moved—and putting castors on some pieces in advance of an emergency if necessary. Evacuating and getting students out of harm’s way are the ultimate solutions, Lisa Crane said.

“The ‘C’ [counter] is the most controversial,” she said. “But if you make yourself a hard target, you have a real good chance of gaining back control of a situation or getting out.”

Students in junior high and high school can throw objects at shooters, move around and make noise, the Cranes advise. “And schools can choose to teach students and staff to swarm a shooter, grabbing hold of the person’s extremities and using body weight to immobilize them,” reports Ed Week.

Cowering isn’t always effective.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    I’ll have to read the whole thing. Does it talk about allowing CCW licensees to carry in school?

    • I did a couple of searches of the document – it runs to 98 pages – and nowhere that I could find is there a reference to teachers carrying concealed pistols. I suspect it’s still too early for any response to that idea other then hysterical denunciation.

      • Richard Aubrey says:

        Well, there’s the Kip Kinkle/ Thurston high school thing.
        One kid, tangled up in a chair and a bullet in his lung, and a couple of other guys jumped Kinkle when the gun went empty. Heard the click. Knew it because they were NRA members. Which, according to a likely biased source, caused the MSM to drop the hero thing right damn’ quick once they found it out.
        So, yeah, you could get lucky.
        In Va Tech, the shooter had half an hour. One of the dead, a ROTC cadet, was thought, by his position and his wounds, to have been trying to rush the shooter. Fortunately, he wasn’t armed or someone might have been hurt.

        • Sure, but your average edu-crat/school board member is unlikely to allow the incidents you’ve recounted to sway them from any other responses to the idea of teachers carrying a firearm then bug-eyed hysterics and red-faced psychiatric diagnosis.

          A substantial majority of the nation’s clearly supportive of the Second Amendment as evidenced by the absence of a single legislative win for anti-Second Amendment forces at the national level and damned few at the state level. But that news hasn’t reached the public education system quite yet. Give it another year or two though.

          • Richard Aubrey says:

            A relation–not an edcrat but thinks like them–was going on about a move to let CCW folks onto the campus of a nearby university.
            “I just don’t feel ….” She’s a liberal, which means feelings unsupported by evidence trump…evidence and are valid for determining public policy.
            She’s also quite bright except she’s stupid. I explained to her that these CCW are all around anyway, shopping, walking the dog, at work, etc. Only thing is whether they can carry one more place…campus.
            Thought she was going to faint. She’d never considered that. Never wondered. SURROUNDED BY GUN NUTS!!!
            As the French say, it is to puke.