School holds toy gun exchange

A California elementary school is holding a toy gun exchange, offering students a book and a chance to win a bicycle if they turn in their play weapons, reports the Hayward Daily Review.

Strobridge Elementary Principal Charles Hill sees toy guns as a gateway to the real thing. “Playing with toys guns, saying ‘I’m going to shoot you,’ desensitizes them, so as they get older, it’s easier for them to use a real gun,” Hill said.

A police officer will demonstrate bicycle and gun safety, a fire crew will discuss fire safety and parents will be offered fingerprinting and photographing of their children.

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  1. Normally, I would assume that this is satire. But given the hysterical times we live in, I am afraid it’s not.

  2. Clearly, whoever was responsible for this idiocy isn’t old enough to remember the days when kids played with toy guns of all types, including cap guns (ditto) and graduated to learning how to handle real rifles and shotguns to shoot game for the family table. I lived in those times and there was never a problem with the hunting weapons in student -and staff- car trunks during hunting season. The same applied to fishing gear, including real knives for cleaning fish, during fishing season. In the community where I now live, various local organizations, including the city, offer shooting/gun-safety courses for kids as young as 10. Such a course is a requirement for a junior hunting license. Again, it’s no problem.

    Guns – or any actual or potential weapons – aren’t the problem; poor-to-nonexistent socialization by parents/communities and toxic culture are the problem – which won’t be solved by leaving only the thugs and criminals armed. Failing to identify the problem accurately ensures that it won’t be solved.

    • Richard Aubrey says:

      Each time it gets worse, the hope, the expectation is that there is a limit.
      Perhaps people who choose to work with kids self-select for…being stupid? Being able to believe seventeen contradictory or foolish things before breakfast? Think nobody notices how stupid they are when they’re trying to look smart? Think 2+2= whatever the NEA journal is peddling this week?
      Apparently there is no limit.

    • The possibility that the many violent video games and rap music promoting various antisocial and/or illegal behaviors should also be considered.

  3. Pragmatik Wisdom says:

    This is what passes for meaningful engagement in Kalifornia. Under no circumstances whatsoever should anyone with school age children consider moving to this state. It is bereft of any critical thinking and consistently defaults to well-intentioned but flawed social engineering which results in doing nothing but advancing a far left fringe agenda.

  4. Foobarista says:

    How about a toy bureaucrat exchange?

  5. Zeev Wurman says:

    Richard Aubrey has it right. People who work with kids seem to self-select for stupidity. I have no other explanation.

    • You cannot discount that the ed schools select for certain “dispositions” in their students.  After seeing at least one case where a student was expelled for not having the correct “dispositions”, we can assume that many, many more have been couselled out or discouraged from ever applying in the first place.

      These “dispositions” appear to be mostly a willingness to put political correctness ahead of facts and reason.

  6. Jerry Doctor says:

    According to Darren at “Right on the Left Coast” this school ranks in the bottom 10% academically even when just compared to schools with similar demographics. I guess it’s more important that kids learn guns are bad than that they learn to read.

  7. Mike in Texas says:

    Not that I agree with what he’s doing and saying, but just pointing out he should have offered the deal for violent video games as well.

  8. A neat example of the sort of transference that occurs when people can’t distinguish themselves appropriately.

    Education professionals don’t get professional recognition for educating kids so they find other means of distinguishing themselves.

    Some seize on trendy but valueless edu-fads that emerge periodically from the ed school. Other education professionals, in order to achieve some professional recognition seize on political trendiness – climate change, racial politics or the gun issue.

    In either case the real goal is to draw attention to the person behind the policy. If the policy is silly the person espousing the idea can take refuge in the nobility of their intent and, of course, they’re strongly motivated to defend the policy.

    Even if the idea draws scathing criticism there will be enough in the way of other education professionals, faced with the same dilemma of finding a way to distinguish themselves, who will admire the cleverness of the policy’s creator and take their side. So even if the idea fails, it succeeds.

    So to all those who think the idea’s the result of stupidity, it isn’t. It’s the result of an inherently flawed system within which otherwise fairly normal people are trying to make lemonade out of the lemon by which they’re employed.

  9. So are they also going to hold romance novel and sexy magazine exchanges to cut down on teen pregnancy?

    Oooh! And Potato chip and soda exchanges to cut down on Obesity?

    Also, what kid is going to turn in a toy to get a BOOK. Unless the toy is broken…….

    Do they get one ticket per gun? Regardless of size? Goodwill often has ‘free toy’ bins with action figures and their weapons……

    Does a green army man holding a gun or grenade count? There might be a way to make a profit here….

    • You forgot pop-tarts. A couple of family-sized boxes creatively chewed will build quite a library.