New threat: Talking about Nerf guns

It’s bad enough when little kids are kicked out of school for bubble shooters, cap guns, gun-shaped pastry and Lego guns, etc. In Washington state, a 6-year-old was suspended for talking about the Nerf guns his family had bought on a recent trip. A classmate told the teacher that Noah had a gun with him. Even when it was clear he did not, he was suspended for a “threat.”

(Mike) Aguirre said he and his wife were told their son was suspended for talking about guns at school, and because the girl who reported him felt her “health and safety were threatened” when they were called to the school last week. Officials said the issue is addressed in the district’s discipline handbook in the section on student rights and responsibilities.

But Aguirre said there’s no provision that students are prohibited from talking about guns at school, nor did the district provide evidence that the boy threatened to harm a student.

After meeting with the parents, district officials downgraded Noah’s suspension to a “disruption.”

Via Legal Insurrection, which also links to the many recent cases of zero tolerance for common sense.

Persecuting boys for being boys is “a kind of quasi-religious fanaticism,” writes Glenn Harlan Reynolds in USA Today. “I think it’s about the administrative class — which runs the schools with as little input from parents as possible — doing its best to exterminate the very idea of guns. It’s some sort of wacky moral-purity crusade.”

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  1. You know, we see these stories with increasing regularity and the tendency, more and more, is to just shake your head sadly and think, “there they go again.”

    But, really, shouldn’t there be a limit? Should we just take these abuses of petty tyrants forever? Kids learn from these things. They learn that nothing about school makes sense, that their own parents despise the system and that they have no rights at all.

    At some point, it becomes abuse. Personally, I think we’ve already reached the point, but others may argue otherwise, I suppose…

    • Petty tyrannies beget petty tyrants. Get rid of the tyranny and the tyrant goes with it.

      You are wrong though in believing we’ve reached the point at which we’re willing to do what’s necessary to deal with the situation. The public education system has lost a great deal of credibility as evidenced by the successes of all the various substantive reforms but we’re still not quite at the point where we’re willing to discard the tyranny of the public education system.

  2. Well I guess if you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist, right?

  3. Bostonian says:

    I agree with Rob. Can’t parents sue when a school district punishes their children frivolously? The cost of being sued could deter school officials from doing stupid things.

    • It probably wouldn’t work unless the officials were stripped of personal immunity.  If the district pays for their wrongdoing, they have no skin in the game.

  4. Every single boy should bring a cap gun, WITH caps, to school. Let that adminocrat suspend ALL of the boys and have them charged with bringing EXPLOSIVE DEVICES on campus!!! The parents should get together and organize this. The girls should bring a nerf ‘gun.’ Let those IDJITS suspend their entire school population!!!

    • Hey, I had a cap gun and so did my daughter! They’re not just for boys. I also had (and still have) a Hopalong Cassidy penknife, which was on my keyring throughout my school years, and its replacement is on my current keyring.

      The director (and public school teacher and coach) of a very popular and well-run summer soccer day camp, in the 80s-90s, armed his staff with supershooters (huge, powerful water guns), to wet down and cool off the campers in very hot weather. The kids loved it and I never heard any objections, but that was before common sense and good judgment disappeared.

  5. Hmm… National “Bring a Gun-Shaped Thing that is Clearly NOT A GUN To School Day”.

    Worth a try, I think.

  6. We’ve been following these reports from around the country. My little barbarians are horrified since they start shooting and swording each other whenever they’re not otherwise engaged. If the PS supporters want to convince homeschoolers that they’re running educational institutions, not prisons, they’re going to have to tone down some of the zero tolerance idiocy.