Houston eyes student grading of teachers

Houston may use student opinion as part of teacher evaluations, reports Fox 26. Student ratings could account for 20 to 30 percent of a teacher’s evaluation, according to a district document sent to teachers.

Effective teachers aren’t always the most popular teachers, warns Houston Federation of Teachers president Gayle Fallon. “Those student surveys will amount to very little more than a popularity contest.”

Student evaluation of teachers is not district policy — or even a staff recommendation — said district spokesman Jason Spencer. Not yet, anyhow.

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  1. Jerry Doctor says:

    Sure – give the kids a vote! Look how well it has worked for our society with government. We now have politicians that are committed to doing what is right, not what will buy them friends. They’re willing to make the tough decisions about what is best for society, not avoid them lest they alienate a potential voter. Oh, wait a minute. That’s not what happened, is it?

    Never mind.

  2. I don’t think student surveys result in a popularity contest. Students are astute enough to recognize teachers that are excellent at their job but not overly friendly with students. Certainly, administrators should take student survey results with a grain of salt, but when the overwhelming majority of students report that the teacher is ineffective and doesn’t cover the subject matter, then the administration needs to look closer. Students know more about what happens in the classroom day to day than any administrator possibly could, and it is silly to completely ignore what they might have to say.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    This is utterly preposterous. In this day and age I could only shudder to think that the last of the truly demanding teachers – the ones who are passionate about their subjects and do not cater to the little darlings whims would be driven out of teaching.

    • Especially say if they’ve got 30 years or so and lots of banked vacation days.

      I can’t see students saying: Yeah, Mr. Smith is hardcore and old school. You’ve really got to work in his class to earn that B, much less an A. I’m going to give him the most awesome review ever.”