Gay-unfriendly student wins speech case

In a teacher-initiated discussion on anti-gay bullying, a Michigan high school student said he “couldn’t accept gays” because of his Catholic faith. The economics teacher equated the statement to saying he “couldn’t accept blacks” and kicked him out of class, writing up a referral for “unacceptable behavior.”

In a June 19 ruling in Glowacki v. Howell Public School District, a federal district judge ruled that the teacher violated the student’s right to free expression, reports Ed Week.

U.S. District Judge Patrick J. Duggan of Detroit awarded damages of $1 to Daniel Glowacki, who was a junior at Howell High School in the fall of 2010.  Howell Public School District, which took no action against the student and reprimanded the teacher, was not liable, the judge ruled.

“Public schools must strive to provide a safe atmosphere conducive to learning for all students while fostering an environment that tolerates the expression of different viewpoints, even if unpopular, so as to equip students with the tools necessary for participation in a democratic society,” Judge Duggan said.

Glowacki did not disrupt the class, the judge ruled. McDowell engaged in viewpoint discrimination.

When asked about the move by the remaining students, McDowell said a student could not voice an opinion that “creates an uncomfortable learning environment for another student,” according to court papers.

Imagine how lively class discussion would be if no student was allowed to make another student feel uncomfortable.

Glowacki transferred to another economics class.

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  1. The real test will come when he graduates and tries to get a job.  Denial of employment is the major weapon of the soft totalitarians in our government and “anti-discrimination” apparatus.

  2. I remember when the equivalence of sodomites and blacks became the rule of the day. It was during the latter part of Slick Willy’s 2nd term. From time to time I ask my black friends if they are happy with this equivalence, and they always tell me it is liberal whites who are doing this to them, not conservative whites, which now my friend has figured out, he has more in common with, rather than his former liberal plantation owners.

  3. Why did the topic even arise in a economics class? You’d have to go off on a wild tangent to get from econ to anti-homosexual “bullying.”

    • SuperSub says:

      I’ve been subjected to leading many non-core content lessons regarding bullying, sexuality, and drug use during “awareness” days. Real fun, especially when the students try to divert the discussions into areas where I, as a white heterosexual male, am way too scared to tread.
      Good job to the student for acting the way adults are supposed to. Don’t volunteer your personal beliefs unless asked, and when you are asked, explain them in a polite manner.

  4. I strongly object to your prejudicial and slandering title: “Gay-unfriendly student wins speech case”

    It would have been much better if you had stayed with the title in the article: “Judge Backs Student Who Said He Couldn’t ‘Accept Gays’ ” which is strictly FACTUAL and not JUDGMENTAL!!!

    • Thank you Wally for pointing that out. When will journalists actually investigate and report the facts with no bias. Let the reader make an informed decision if you, the journalist, presented the simple investigated/validated information.