Colleges hire 75% more administrators

Massachusetts colleges and universities hired 75 percent more administrators in the last 25 years, three times the rate of enrollment growth. Officials say they need to provide more student services and cope with more federal regulations.

All 11 million community college students and 1,200 community college presidents should demand equitable funding for community colleges, which serve the neediest students, writes a professor. If protest doesn’t work, litigate.

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  1. Mark Roulo says:

    From the article: “The approximate state appropriation for a public community college student is $4,209 [per year], versus $12,611 [per year] for a public bachelor’s degree student.


    One easy solution to make the funding more equitable would be for the community colleges to become as selective as the other state colleges (in California that would be the CalState and UCs). This would drop (by a lot!) the number of students attending the community colleges and by keeping the funding dollars constant we could have roughly equal funding for students at the community colleges and at the other state schools.


    I don’t think that Wick Sloane wants the CCs to change their admissions policies to admit only 1/3 of the current students, but this would address his complaint about non-equitable funding.


    • Roger Sweeny says:

      I wonder what the figures would look like if you calculated dollars appropriated per passed course. I suspect they would be considerably more equal.

      And if you didn’t count remedial courses? The community colleges might even get more than the four year colleges for every college-level course that is passed

  2. I’m betting that many of the new admins were/are tied to the various diversity programs and initiatives.