Pregnancy bias — in a women’s studies class

A pregnant college student asked if she could make up tests or assignments missed due to medical appointments or labor. Her women’s studies professor said no. A dean told her to drop the class. Stephanie Stewart sued City University of New York for pregnancy discrimination, winning back her scholarship, repayment for the make-up class and a new policy protecting pregnant students.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    I wonder what kind of affliction would have merited the requested breaks.
    Maybe a breakdown because a guy hooted at her on the street. That’d do it, by gum.

  2. Ruth Joy says:

    Or her abortion appointment.

  3. Most of the woman’s studies types seem very anti-pregnancy and childbearing. Apparently, after all their studying, they still haven’t discovered what the uterus is for. They probably assume that it’s for running around the body to make women hysterical or something…….