Not all degrees are created equal

For today’s college graduates, “what you make depends on what you take,” advises the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce. ”Not all degrees are created equal.” Engineering graduates start at $54,000, compared to $30,000 for arts, psychology and social work grads.

Nursing graduates have the lowest unemployment rate, Georgetown reports, but new RNs say it’s hard to find a job without experience.

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  1. Ted Craig says:

    Starting salaries are interesting, but what students should really know is what they will top out at and when their earnings will reach their peak. Some fields have salaries like skyrockets, they take off quickly, but then explode in mid-air.

  2. Also research how many hours you are expected to work to get those top salaries and what the value of the bennies are. Engineering and teaching both start in the low $50s here..big differences in expected time on the job and total compensation.