How motherhood is changing

Motherhood Is Changing, notes The Atlantic.  Mothers are more educated, but less likely to be married. Children of educated mothers do better in school; children of single parents do worse.


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  1. Florida resident says:

    Educationrealist has just posted really important article:

  2. Crimson Wife says:

    I’m surprised at the percentages of women with 4 or 5+ children who are still in the paid labor force. I wouldn’t have guessed it to be anything remotely close to 40% for moms of 4 and 35% for moms of 5+. All the moms of large families I know IRL are full-time homemakers.

    • Most of the moms of large families that I know (we homeschool) work at least part time. I write, friends decorate cakes, one practices law part time, I know some seamstresses, tutors, housecleaners, graphic designers, women who work for the family business? The more kids you have, the more you’re looking for ways to earn money to cover sports fees and activities….

  3. Hmmm.. This is interesting. I know a lot of moms and all of them have part time jobs and they seem to be doing really well. It’s hard to imagine moms with 4 or 5 kids working full time–that would definitely be extremely difficult. I am a mom of 2 little boys, I work part time and am still having a difficult time with them.