Homeschoolers send 6 kids to college by 12

Homeschooling has worked well for Mona Lisa and Kip Harding. Six of their 10 children in the Alabama family started college by the age of 12;  the youngest four, all under 10, also plan to start college early.

“We’re just average folks,” says the mother, who trained as a nurse. Husband Kip, a helicopter pilot, didn’t complete college till he was 25 and serving in the military.

“We find out what their passions are, what they really like to study, and we accelerate them gradually,” she says.

Seth, 12, is studying medieval history at Faulkner University. Brother Keith, 14, is completing a music degree. Heath started at age 11. Now 17, he’s finishing his master’s in computer science. Sister Serennah, 22, will complete medical school in a few weeks and serve as a Navy doctor. Hannah is a spacecraft designer with master’s degrees in math and mechanical engineering. Rosannah became an architect at 18.

The family has an e-book on how to accelerate learning on their College by 12 site.

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