Hispanic grads pass whites in college enrollment

Hispanic high school graduates are now more likely than whites to enroll in college: In the class of 2012, 69 percent of Hispanic graduates and 67 percent of whites enrolled in college that fall. Hispanics are less likely than whites to complete high school, but the gap is closing. However, there’s a large college graduation gap.

Federal programs to help disadvantaged students earn college degrees “show no major effects on college enrollment or completion,” concludes a Brookings study. The U.S. Education Department’s college-prep programs cost more than $1 billion a year.

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  1. Person of Choler says:

    Well, yeah. Affirmative action and Diversity Coordinators will do that for you.

  2. Florida resident says:

    Great news from New York Times,
    “… the Hispanic dropout rate in 2012 was significantly lower, comparable to that among blacks.”
    What an achievement ! See also
    “Success! Hispanics no longer dropping out to work.
    Instead, they are killing time at community colleges waiting for the economy to improve.”

  3. I hate these kinds of stories. Can’t we just celebrate that college (and all post-secondary education, like vocational schools) have enrollment up overall, regardless of race? Can’t we just celebrate anyone who works hard to learn skills and make their lives and the lives of their family better, regardless of race?

    Besides, if you ARE obsessed with color, ‘Hispanic’ is a subculture, not a race. There are Hispanics who are as white as any ‘white’ person… and other Hispanics who are as dark skinned as the most dark skinned Native American. So, a line like ‘a Hispanic person got accepted into college’ does not necessarily translate to ‘a colored person got accepted into college’…