Ed student expelled for Facebook comment

A graduate education student at Syracuse University, Matthew Werenczak signed up to tutor at a predominantly black middle school. On his first day, a community leader said the school should hire teachers from historically black colleges.

“Just making sure we’re okay with racism,” wrote Werenczak on his Facebook page. “It’s not enough I’m … tutoring in the worst school in the city, I suppose I oughta be black or stay in my own side of town.”

The School of Education expelled him for “unprofessional, offensive, and insensitive” comments. When FIRE went public with the case, he was readmitted and earned his master’s degree.

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  1. This fits with the previous post on the rule making everyone a sexual harasser at the whim of any soi-disant victim.

  2. BadaBing says:

    This is de rigueur for Obama’s post-racial America.

  3. Stacy in NJ says:

    The saddest aspect of this video is the passivity and tolerance this student showed in the face of this brown-shirt treatment by the Syracuse. Brown-shirts and fascists. Thank goodness for FIRE. I’m donating.

  4. Too bad the decision-makers are shielded from personal liability. Nothing would bring this sort of nonsense to an end quicker then these latter day Freedom rider wannabees actually risking something.

  5. On the one hand, Syracuse overdid it. Shouldn’t have done anything like kick him out. On the other, behold a cis, white, male crying “racism” when a black community leader addresses directly the need to get talented young black people into classrooms to provide role models to underserved youth. It’s all about him, not about the students.

    This, then, is the new racism, where you can bitch about “reverse racism” and then cry to a free-speech organization when your ignorant comments bite you in the ass.

    Again, I reject the degree to which Syracuse reacted, but I don’t think he’s some kind of hero for posting ignorance on his Facebook feed.

    The kinds of comments he has made mask an overall attitude about himself and his role in the classroom that scares me. By disavowing his own privilege and crying “reverse racism”, he buys into a set of beliefs about deficit models for students and an ideology of the “white savior”, whether he wants to admit it or not.

    That lack of self-reflection is not something that a classroom teacher ought to have.