Americans agree on God, country and sex ed

Nine out of 10 Americans agree on a few things, according to pollsters, reports AP.  Nearly all believe in God, country and teaching sex education in public schools. More than 90 percent:

—admire those who get rich by working hard.

—think society should ensure everyone has equal opportunity to succeed.

—think it’s important to get more than a high school education.

Americans also believe it’s their duty to always vote, though voter turnout doesn’t reflect that.

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  1. “Most people” might think all kinds of things, but one out of ten is still a sizeable minority. I would be interested to see the breakdown on each bullet point.

  2. Crimson Wife says:

    90% may agree with teaching some sort of sex ed in the schools, but I’d be willing to bet that responders would display quite a bit of disagreement over exactly how. Should it be taught strictly from a scientific point of view as part of biology class? Should it be abstinence-only? Should it include teaching about contraception?

  3. There is also a big difference between belief and actions. Our policies related to government, education, and religion do not necessarily match up with people’s professed beliefs.

  4. Without God, country, and sex, what else is there to live for? Everything else in life branches off those three in one form or another…