College tuition and fees have risen by 893 percent since 1980, nearly five times the 179 percent rise in the Consumer Price Index and almost twice the increase in medical costs. Many colleges and universities plan tuition hikes for fall 2013.

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  1. As I’ve posted on here many times before, everyone should google ‘Marty Nemko – college is a ripoff’, and in many people’s minds, the bachelors degree is the most overrated product in the United States today (not to mention winding up with a pile of debt which cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy) which subjects many students to ‘indentured servitude via loan repayments’.

    Here is the link to a youtube video every parent of a middle/high schooler should watch:

  2. not securely anchored says:

    How can parents plan for that kind of inflation, not to mention the simultaneous deflation in the value of the degree?