Tennessee bill cuts welfare if kid fails

Welfare parents could lose up to 30 percent of their aid if their child fails in school, under a bill in the Tennessee legislature, reports Ed Week. Special-education students would be exempt.

Republican state Sen. Stacey Campfield wants to penalize parents whose child is held back for poor performance — unless parents enroll the child in tutoring, attend a parenting course or attend “multiple” parent-teacher conferences. “It’s really just something to try to get parents involved with their kids,” Campfield told the Tennessean. “We have to do something.”

Tennessee already docks welfare parents up to 25 percent of aid if their child is truant.

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  1. Michael E. Lopez says:

    And in the news next month:

    “Tennessee Schools See Unexpected Surge in Special Ed Diagnoses”

  2. Some thoughts:

    1. Special needs students need parental support and extra help more than you can imagine.

    2. No mention of homeschooling. Why not? We’re not illegal.

    3. Teachers are under enough pressure. They don’t want to see the children they care for not get enough to eat if Johnny fails math.

    4. “Truancy” is in the eye of the beholder. How come teachers get “personal days” and children are slaves to the system? It’s a power thing, isn’t it?

    • No, more of a “law” thing.

      I do however like the escalation of the “blame the parents” response to criticism of the district system. Shows a willingness to not only bite the hand that feeds you but to chew and swallow.

      I suppose next it’ll be flogging the parents in the town square if the kids don’t pass the state tests.

  3. Attendance and parental involvement are KEY to a student’s success. Therefore they should consider adding measurable specificity in these areas. Instead of only 30% of benefits being at risk 100% should be at risk IF behavior is to be changed. Some or even many will find a 30% cut as being perfectly fine.

    1. Attendance: Zero unexcused absences. Not more than 2 parental excused one-day absences per marking period. A doctor’s note for any extended illness. 10% loss of benefits for each unexcused absence.

    2. Parental Involvement: Mandatory parent teacher conference 4 weeks PRIOR to end of marking period if student is failing. Student is required to attend remedial instruction. Mandatory weekly meeting with student/parent/teacher until student is no longer failing. IF student fails that marking period then benefits are cut 20%. ALL above steps continue for the 2nd marking period until student is no longer failing. IF student fails the 2nd marking period then benefits are cut an additional 20%. Procedure repeats for each marking period.

    • You try that, and you’ll have riots and civil unrest and school houses and courthouses burning down around the country… You don’t want to make that 47% angry.

      • But, I do.
        It’s high time that that the takers were held responsible for the handouts that they are receiving.
        Anyway, it’s a pipe dream because the Libturds are in charge of the institutions and it’s their way of getting the votes by not requiring mastery but use seat time as a measure for progress. That’s why there are HS gradjits (Intentionally spelled this way. Rhymes with idjits.) who read on a 4th grade level and math at a 3d grade level.