Philly sanctions two principals for cheating

After a nearly two-year-old investigation into cheating on state  tests at 53 Philadelphia public schools, two principals have surrendered their administrative credentials.

Barbara McCreery, who oversaw astronomical test score gains in 2010 at Communications Technology High in Southwest Philadelphia, was alleged to have “violated the integrity and security of the PSSA by erasing and changing student answers, creating an answer key and manipulating student data.”

Lola Marie O’Rourke, former principal of Locke Elementary in West Philadelphia, faced similar allegations, including that she directly provided answers to students.

McCreery was fired as principal of Bok Tech. O’Rourke left the district to work as an administrator in Trenton, New Jersey. Both will retain their teaching certificates but won’t be able to teach in the Philadelphia School District. Neither will be eligible to work as a principal in Pennsylvania.

The cheating investigation is continuing. Will there be indictments, as in Atlanta? Retiring a few years early or taking an out-of-state job isn’t much of a punishment.

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  1. Retiring a few years early or taking an out-of-state job isn’t much of a punishment.

    That’s true but it is a step in the right direction.

    Without testing these scumbags would’ve glided to retirement untroubled by evidence of their incompetence because there wouldn’t have been any.

    Not that I believe this sort of thing will have much of an impact on the broader stage. The district system is biased against accountability so any accountability measures are being grafted onto an inherently toxic rootstock. Accountability measures may be made to stick but it’ll be a fight every minute they’re in effect with the odds in favor of the business-as-usual public education attitude.