Obama plan uncaps student loan rates

Student groups aren’t happy with President Obama’s proposed change to student loan interest rates. Linking the rate to the government’s cost of borrowing means today’s college students would pay very little, but future students could pay much higher rates. That’s assuming the economy improves.

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  1. The best idea I have heard for improving student loans is to make the university at which the loan is used a partial creditor for the loan.

    • That would be suicide for all but the most elite Universities. We’d end up back in a situation where only the wealthiest and most free time to spend would even be able to entertain the idea of a post- K-12 education…

      • which, of course, is where we are now thanks to the ever so noble government-created student loan industry.

        So another socialist solution ends up screwing the people it was ostensibly created to help.

        At least in this world of change that’s something you can rely on.