McD’s ad seeks 4-year degree for cashier job

McDonald’s cashiers need a bachelor’s degree and one to two years of experience, according to a want ad for a McDonald’s in Winchedon, Massachusetts. ”Get a weekly paycheck with a side order of food, folks and fun,” says the ad.

Degree inflation gone wild or a cruel joke? It’s hard to say.

“Permaterns” — permanent interns — are working for low and no pay through their 20s and sometimes into their 30s, reports The Week.  “For many in Washington, the American dream starts with a highbrow internship that pays $4.35 an hour — then another, and maybe another.”  Graduates with poli sci degrees are a dime a dozen — or less.

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  1. This is particularly sad when such individuals incurred substantial debt to pay for their education.

  2. Stacy in NJ says:

    My son’s a lifeguard at our municipal pool. This summer they won’t be hiring any 15 year old new recruits because the have a significant number of graduating college students returning. He’s 16 and worked last year so he has “tenure” 🙂 . He’s currently taking extra Red Cross courses (instructor certification and pool maintenance) so that he’s a more desirable hire. It’s kinda sad when teens need to scramble to get gigs as lifeguards.

    He’s also looking into joining the Coast Guard Reserves once he begins college but he’s hearing it’s difficult to get a position because it’s so competitive. They have many more applicants than positions.

    Good thing he can always fall back on his father to get him a position in investment banking. Because the world needs more investment bankers. ;-(

  3. I’ll bet they still can’t make change when the computer goes out.

  4. I think it’s more a real look at just how horribly awful the economy really is. McDonald’s is doing this not because they think Bachelor’s degrees are worthless; but because they’re getting so many applicants for the job, that they have the freedom (since it’s an employer’s market) to hire someone they might not normally be able to hire (he can read! he can make change!)