Community college violence raise fears

A wave of senseless violence at community college campuses is raising fears. An 18-year-old student has been charged with wounding two women at a branch campus in a shopping mall near Virginia Tech, the site of mass killings in 2007. Students say the gunmen tried to lure them out of hiding by pretending to be the police, but nobody believed him.

Several community colleges across the nation have been the scene of gun and knife attacks in recent months.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Kettering, used to be General Motors Institute, in Flint is in such a diverse neighborhood that the trapshooting club has a lot of members because they’re allowed to bring their shotguns onto campus. And many of the students get themselves armed when they find where the cheapest student housing is.
    Question is whether it’s the students turning on each other or the indigenous personnel trying to victimize the students. It’s the latter in Flint.