New York City teachers must teach bundles — “aligned tasks embedded in a unit of study” — to fulfill Common Core Standards, writes Exasperated Educator.

At my school, we are obligated to administer a minimum of two bundles in each major subject. It can take weeks to plow through the bundles with all their attachments (the 6th grade special ed class has been working on the same unit since Martin Luther King Day).

. . . Before Easter vacation, I looked at a hallway bulletin board. It proudly displayed the culminating task for an English assignment. I saw ten essays written by ten different students each of which said the exact same thing. Each essay made the same arguments. Each essay cited the same evidence. Each essay used the same transition words. It was a model of uniformity.

EE’s own bulletin board displayed “ten examples of student work each espousing the same reasoning, the same ideas, the same answers.”

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