Bieber sees Anne Frank as ‘a belieber’

“Truly inspiring to be able to come here,” wrote Justin Bieber after spending an hour touring the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. “Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”


Adolescent girls obsessed with the Canadian singer, who’s now 19, are known as “beliebers.”

I guess being a pop star rots the brain.

Anne Frank hid with her family and other Jews for two years in the attic of the house before they were discovered. She died of typhus at 15 in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in 1945. Her father, who survived the camp , edited and published it in 1947 as The Diary of a Young Girl. It must be one of the most assigned books in U.S.  schools.

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  1. THAT is Bieber’s thought after touring the house? How she would be so into him? Wow.

    She does strike me as someone who, had the Holocaust not happened, would have been perfectly happy doing what everyone else was doing, and yes, she would have been into the latest fads.

    You know, a contemporary of Ms. Frank lives near me. She was a war bride and lived in Frankfurt, same age as Anne Frank. I really like her, and she is so vibrant and still giving talks about what the war was like. It’s a shame Ms. Frank never had that opportunity to change and to become old and hire my son to tend her roses, move her potted plants and tell stories. I do wonder what she would have been like as an older woman, don’t you?

    • Keep in mind that Bieber, at 19, enjoys financial and professional success that very few people will ever know so while it feels good to dump on the kid for his self-absorption and ignorance from his point of view he’s the one who must be doing some things very much right. Besides, being self-absorbed and ignorant’s hardly an unusual condition for nineteen year-olds.

  2. greeneyeshade says:

    Let me quote Walt Kelly’s Porkypine: “Being young used to mean you had time to learn something.” Let’s hope the Bieb makes the most of it.

  3. Roger Sweeny says:

    Growing up in a time of peace of peace and prosperity means that young people don’t have to be concerned with weighty issues of politics and survival. Instead, they spend time on music and sports and stuff like that. We old fogies may not like it, but there is a good chance that a 15 year old Anne Frank today would be a belieber.

    Maybe we don’t like to think of the irony. Because she went through hell, we see Anne Frank as a triumph of the human spirit. If she instead lived in prosperous heaven, she might be swooning over a pop star.

  4. Roger Sweeny says:

    “It’s so childish,” she [Anne Frank’s stepsister] says regarding the Bieber controversy. “She probably would have been a fan. Why not? He’s a young man and she was a young girl, and she liked film stars and music. They make a lot of fuss about everything that is connected with Anne Frank.”