What do transfer students want?

What do transfer students want? They want to get credits for their credits. Many universities reject credits earned elsewhere, even though students were told the classes would count. That raises costs and  lowers the odds students will complete a degree.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Bring the “were told” to court and if it’s specific enough, sue the bastards.
    Suck them in with “were told” and then suck them dry with, “too bad for you, chump”.
    A racket.

  2. They “were told” by whom? These are grown-ups, right? They should be checking the criteria for transferring credits with the institution to which they intend to transfer. The impediment would typically be (a) grades and (b) accreditation.

    If the issue here is that the students haven’t taken proper steps to ensure that the classes they take elsewhere will qualify as required classes for their majors or other specific course requirements, again, whose fault is that? In such a case the credits will have transferred. If a student wants to be sure that a college will accept their credits toward specific course requirements, it should be possible to do that before transferring – and if it isn’t, the student needs to be thinking about transferring elsewhere.

    • Stacy in NJ says:

      Many community colleges are less than specific or straight forward about what is transferable. Jersey cc have transfer agreements with the state colleges but the state schools frequently won’t recognize classes specific to a major. It can be a maze of contradictory information and you only find out what is actually transferable after you attempt the transfer

      • But you can find out when you attempt, before you complete. You may learn, as the original article suggests, that sometimes it’s best to sit tight and get the associate’s degree.