Union plans to ‘stress’ board members

The teachers union in Framingham, Massachusetts has asked members to provide personal information on school board members and their spouses so they will “feel the same stresses that we have,” reports the Boston Globe.

In a memo to teachers, Framingham Teachers’ Association president Sam Miskin directed them to an online survey containing pages dedicated to each of the seven members of the Framingham School Committee.

Below each name were blank boxes for the members’ personal contact information, employer information, length of time on the committee, membership to other groups within and outside the town, gym membership, names of their spouse or partner, and their work information.

. . . “Having as much information as possible about their lives, activities, and daily routines is crucial to design actions that will truly impact them.”

In a statement Thursday evening, Mishkin denied threatening school committee members’ families. “We are not out to hurt anyone — and we are certainly not going to involve children. EVER.”

Miskin said the point of gathering information was to determine if School Committee members traveled in the same social circles as union members, so the two sides could exchange views outside the atmosphere of a negotiating session.

Right. A teacher, who didn’t want to be named, told the Globe that the union had gone “way too far” and sullied teachers’ reputations.

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  1. Ze'ev Wurman says:

    Well, we should consider publishing the same information about teacher’s habits and their families in return. With teacher union leaders as the first in the list.

  2. I wonder how quickly the school board filed for an injunction against such activities.