The child philosopher

Socrates (In The Form Of A 9-Year-Old) Shows Up In A Suburban Backyard In Washington, writes NPR’s Robert Krulwich introducing a video that’s gone viral. Videographer Zia Hassan met the boy and his brother, 7, and sister, 2, through their babysitter.

The parents “treat their kids as if they’re intelligent young people, and not children who couldn’t possibly understand how the world (or universe) works,” Zia told Krulwich. “I think there are a lot of kids who think about interesting things,” Zia says. “It’s my guess no one really asks them about it.”

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  1. I feel bad for the kid, because his thoughtful nature has been put on show.

    Yes, he seems a remarkable kid, but even remarkable kids need a bit of space and privacy.

    Had I been his parent, I would not have granted permission for this. Make a video, sure, for future enjoyment–but don’t post it on the internet.