The 10 best TV shows for young kids

It’s OK for preschoolers to watch an hour a day of high-quality television, advises the American Academy of Pediatrics. But what’s high quality? Mike Petrilli lists The 10 Best Television Shows for Young Children.

Best Television Shows for Two- and Three-Year-Olds

1.   Kipper (available on Sprout and Netflix)
2.   Wonder Pets! (available on Nick Jr. and Netflix)
3.   Blue’s Clues (available on Nick Jr. and Netflix)
4.   Doc McStuffins (available on Disney Junior)
5.   Curious George (available on PBS Kids and Netflix)

Best Television Shows for Four- and Five-Year-Olds

1.   Backyardigans (availalbe on Nick Jr. and Netflix)
2.   Wild Kratts (available on PBS Kids)
3.   Dinosaur Train (available on PBS Kids and Netflix)
4.   Arthur (available on PBS Kids and Netflix)
5.   Super Why! (available on PBS Kids and Netflix)

Sesame Street isn’t what it used to be, writes Petrilli.

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  1. Obi-Wandreas says:

    Any listing of best TV shows for any age group which does not include Phineas & Ferb is completely worthless.

  2. Stephanie M says:

    From this homeschool parent’s perpective: Electric Company, Word Girl, Super Why, Word World, The Cat and the Hat Knows a Lot about That, Signing Time, Blue’s Clues, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, The Kratt Brothers, Biz Kids. Beyond that…apps, apps, apps with videos for learning along with their regular .