Satire is impossible

Muggeridge’s law strikes again, this time at Britain’s Dept. of Education. If you had read this headline in The Onion a month ago, it would have been absolutely hilarious.


I suppose this must be news to someone. I know that this has only a tangential relation to education properly speaking, but it’s early.

On a more serious note, studies like this aren’t completely frivolous, insofar as it is a truism that bad parenting leads to misbehaving kids. Whatever sort of parenting you are talking about, if it leads to misbehaving kids then it’s bad.

A better, less risible headline would have been something like “inconstant, erratic parenting bad”. That still would have been grin-inducingly obvious, but at least it would have had some content.

Thank you, as always, to Joanne for letting me drive the car a bit.


  1. twitter_CronkNews says:

    Well said, Joanne. May the satire be ever in our favor.