Oberlin cancels classes after KKK scare

Oberlin canceled classes yesterday after someone reported “a person wearing a hood and robe resembling a KKK outfit” near Afrikan Heritage House early in the morning. Instead, the college scheduled a teach-in by the Africana Studies Department, a demonstration of solidarity and a convocation.

A series of incidents in February — swastikas on Year of the Queer posters, “n-word” scrawls, etc. — have unsettled the campus. Even an elite and very liberal college community is bound to include a few people capable of stupid, nasty or crazy actions.

I suspect the “KKK” report will turn out to be a hoax or a person in a hooded white bathrobe heading home after a night of debauchery, though it could be some bozo’s idea of a joke. The Klan on the rise in Oberlin? I don’t think so. In any case, canceling classes is feeding the trolls.

Oberlin should not have let yahoos disrupt the college’s core function, writes Conor Friedensdorf.

Apparently, it was a woman wrapped in a blanket walking in the area, reports the Chronicle-Telegram.

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  1. SuperSub says:

    Seemingly a student was using a white blanket to stay warm. Glad to see the students are getting their $45,000 dollars worth at Oberlin. Of course, this is the idiocy you have to deal with when you have an Afrikan Heritage House on campus… or any other cultural program houses.

    • SuperSub says:

      and the sad part was an administrator stating that they were happy the students weren’t being victims. Not sure how cancelling a whole day’s worth of classes to discuss racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. isn’t encouraging victimhood.
      Moreover, as noted in the article, the previous incidents of “hate” are suggested to be benign but dramatic expressions of free speech.

      • I don’t think vandalism — however minor — is protected as free speech. And I think you mean “non-violent” rather than “benign.”

        • SuperSub says:

          While I will admit “non-violent” is a more appropriate term… I do stand by my free speech stance. As a Cornell alum, I’ve seen vandals, campus administrators, and police defend vandalism as a matter of free speech. While it isn’t Oberlin, I don’t think it is too much to assume that similar incidents have occured at other colleges. Hoist them on their own petard, I say.

        • ‘Vandalism’ IS free speech, when the reciever deserves it. For example, a car decorated with Nazi peraphenalia getting keyed is OK. Or a pro-Zionist/Israel porch getting trashed.

          • Next, you’ll be saying that gang rape is “democratic sex”; the screw-ee was out-voted, but it was a fair process.

          • Richard Aubrey says:

            I think that was referring to how the media in general, and college admins in particular react to incidents. Depends on the lineup. See Duke, lax, Rouse, Lombard.

          • In other words, it’s OK if the targets are -conservative-. If the targets are liberal, however, hang them high! (Well, the Nazis are just pure evil, and are no more ‘conservative’ than Al Queada is ‘liberal’, but I see where BJ’s going with this…)

          • Richard Aubrey says:

            WRT college admins, right.
            See, as I say, Duke, Lax, Rouse, Lombard. Hell the last one had so many narratives dear to the left colliding with each other that everybody was afraid to complain about what happened to the poor kid.
            So, yeah, the lineup is the important thing.
            Plus it’s looking like a hoax. The cops are talking to students thought to be the graffitiers and the hooded person was a woman walking home with a blanket (“AN ASSAULT BLANKET”) for warmth. See the blog “Legal Insurrection”.

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    I think the last true white-on-black racist incident on campus was probably a Fiji party twenty years ago. All fake since then, which is the way to bet here.
    Oberlin has a laudable history, but their drooling hurry to become the next Duke lax hoax case is unprepossessing.
    Saw a lecture at Oberlin on a particular topic, not racism. The Kids had no interest in anything but racism, which sort of bewildered the speaker.
    They’re being trained to find racism everywhere which means that when they get out into the big world, they’re going to be like the comic bit where they guy runs at a door to break it down as somebody on the other side opens it.
    Or they’ll have to make it up.
    My guess is….

  3. It’s sad that we’re all so jumpy these days. It’s like we’re all on edge, no one can relax and let their guard down anymore… Because we’re all expecting some nut with a machine gun or a bomb to come running out of the bushes and start taking casualties as fast as they can. :/

    • Richard Aubrey says:

      Sure are jumpy. But it would pay to be jumpy about the right things, like the insistence that single-shot scissor-throwers will prevail against guns.
      It would also help if the wolf-crying were less common. Althouse has a supposed Oberlin internal commo that this was a set-up by a multiracial justice group and will be handled internally.
      No public “oops” from any of these folks.
      Oberlin’s been dining out on an entirely laudable story going back a hundred and sixty years or so. They need a new schtick.