Evaluation overkill hits PE teachers

Evaluating teachers’ impact on student achievement is “a necessary reform,” writes Terry Ryan on Ohio Gadfly. But it can go too far. Ohio will evaluate phys ed teachers on their students’ skipping, throwing, dancing and batting skills and knowledge. Among the goals:

*Consistently demonstrating correct skipping technique with a smooth and effortless rhythm;

*Able to throw consistently a ball underhand with good accuracy and technique to a target (or person) with varying distances.

The suggested written test for K-2 students (five to eight year olds) includes:

To throw a ball overhand with your right hand, you should step forward with your left foot.

A. True B. False

For a good overhand throw, you should bend the elbow in the shape of an “L” behind the head before throwing.

A. True B. False

Instead of throwing balls, kids will be taking tests on how to throw balls. Teachers think this is stupid, writes Ryan. Parents think it’s stupid. Everyone thinks it’s stupid except for the Ohio Department of Education.

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  1. Teachers in Ohio districts are also being made to write practice SLO’s, even though most have to write them BEFORE the training occurs in April. Even principals don’t know which teachers will have to write these, and there is conflicting information from the ODE. In fact, ODE has on website that these are only for PRACTICE, and not required this year. So one more time-consuming task that has no relation to reality. It seems that we will have to write SLO’s, give baseline tests, and at least post-test in April, then complete the data on the SLO, be evaluated with observation(s), and the results on this test will be 50% of our evaluation. BUT we will also then have the PARCC tests in April-May for school report cards. Forget about time to actually teach.
    I am a veteran teacher, have seen lots of reform measures, but this mess is the most god-awful, money-wasting, ridiculous waste of time I have ever encountered. On top of that, not much of it seems grounded in solid research; value-added has many intrinsic problems, but the ODE marches on making it an integral part of the program.

  2. lightly seasoned says:

    Is this from The Onion?