Core math adds coherence, rigor, focus

Common Core’s new math standards “have the potential to improve average student achievement” by adding focus, rigor and coherence, predict  William H. Schmidt and Nathan A. Burroughs in the new American Educator.

Common Core State Standards in math resemble the high-quality standards of high-achieving nations, they conclude.

Furthermore, states with standards similar to CCSS-M had the highest eighth-grade mathematics score on the 2009 NAEP. “The more similar the standards were to the CCSS-M, the higher student achievement.”

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  1. You can create all the standards you want, but unless our collective culture (one of anti-intellectualism and hatred of math in particular) and overall IQs (the idiots are having tons of babies, while the educated couples are deciding against having kids at all!) improve, it will make little difference.

  2. California’s math standards didn’t change much–ours were already modeled after the standards of high performing countries so CC math was “adapted”. I’m still agreeing with Captain Sisko, though.